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Top 10 Reasons Against Routine Genomic Profiling of Tumors in Patient Care
By gdpawel at 2015-06-17 07:18

When they did comprehensive screening for gene mutations at MD Anderson, in a huge number of patients, they found an actionable target in 31%, but, of these 31%, only 10% responded to the targeted therapy. Overall, only 2.4% of all the patients receiving genomic profiling had a response. This is absolutely horrible. I think that genomic profiling is in general a scam, yet virtually everyone is doing it. I think that certain types of targeted genomic profiling is probably worthwhile -- e.g.

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Training the immune system to fight cancer
By gdpawel at 2015-01-24 04:21

The potential to harness the body's immune system to fight cancer may finally prove itself on a large scale in the next couple of years. Scores of new immunotherapy vaccines and other immune system modifiers are being tested against a variety of cancers. At least a dozen therapies are set to have key late- or mid-stage trial data.

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Quest for Targeted Therapeutic 'Cocktails' Hits Roadblocks
By gdpawel at 2014-09-03 06:42

Mark Pegram, M.D.


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New Discoveries in Cancer and Heart Disease
By gdpawel at 2014-07-02 03:55


Larry M. Weisenthal, M.D., Ph.D.


MCED: A newly-discovered mechanism of endothelial cell death


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The Rising Cost of Cancer Research: Is It Necessary?
By gdpawel at 2014-06-13 21:52


Robert A. Nagourney, M.D.


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New study helps to explain why breast cancer often spreads to the lung
By Dross at 2014-04-24 23:17

New research led by Alison Allan, PhD, a scientist at Western University and the Lawson Health Research Institute, shows why breast cancer often spreads or metastasizes to the lung. Breast cancer is the number one diagnosed cancer and the number two cause of cancer-related deaths among women in North America. If detected early, traditional chemotherapyterm and radiation have a high success rate, but once the disease spreads beyond the breast, many conventional treatments fail.


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Why Do Cancer Surgeons Cure More Patients Than Medical Oncologists?
By gdpawel at 2014-04-09 19:23


Robert A. Nagourney, M.D.


Who does it really serve when a clinical trial involving 597 patients results in an increase in survival by 10 days?


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Whole genome sequencing; not ready for prime time
By gdpawel at 2014-03-14 06:06
A test of the utility of whole-genome sequencing (WGS) on 12 genetically healthy adults reveals several shortcomings, according to a study published in the March 12 issue of JAMA.
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Microarray, Gene Expression and Cell-Lines
By gdpawel at 2014-01-14 15:10
There have been attempts to develop molecular-based tests to examine a broader range of chemotherapeutic drugs. New technologies for measuring the expression (biological activity) of literally hundreds to thousands of genes as part of a single test.

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The Downside To Clinical Trials
By gdpawel at 2014-01-14 08:45


As the practice of medicine has moved from a profession to an industrial undertaking, this most human of experiences has fallen prey to the dictates of the American business model. Patients are no longer the purchasers of medical care and services, but instead, the consumers of those goods and services that meet the needs of the purveyors. Whether this is a governmental entity, academic institution, or pharmaceutical company, individuals have become cogs in the wheel of the medical-industrial complex.

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Test Shown to Reduce Early Cancer Deaths is Now Available to Patients
By gdpawel at 2013-11-16 07:37

Huntington Beach, CA - SignatureCLL today announced that the first laboratory test ever shown in a clinical trial to improve one year survival rates in cancer is now available to patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemiaterm (also called CLL).


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Cell Biology
By gdpawel at 2013-10-17 12:43

On October 7, 2013, in Stockholm, Sweden, the Nobel Committee announced the winners of the Nobel Prize for Medicine and Physiology – two Americans and one German, all now located at institutions in the US. The discovery for which these three investigators share the prize involves their work over three decades studying the transport, packaging and trafficking of cellular proteins.


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An answer to chemobrain
By admin at 2013-09-19 04:30

A team from the University of Rochester Medical Center has shown scientifically what many women report anecdotally: that the breast cancer drug tamoxifen is toxic to cells of the brain and central nervous system, producing mental fogginess similar to “chemo brain.”

However, in the Journal of Neuroscience, researchers also report they’ve discovered an existing drug compound that appears to counteract or rescue brain cells from the adverse effects of the breast cancer drug.

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Next 'Cure for Cancer' Lost to Sequester
By gdpawel at 2013-09-19 02:54


Billions of dollars in research funding and thousands of health-related jobs have been lost to the sequester, putting the nation's healthcare system at risk, said panelists speaking at a health forum last week.


National Institutes of Health Director Francis Collins, MD, said his institute has lost $1.7 billion in federal funding since the start of sequestration and stands to lose another $600 million on October 1.


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New target combined with Tamoxifen aids in ER-positive breast cancers
By Dross at 2013-07-09 00:44
Researchers have identified compounds used in some leukemiaterm treatments that may have an application towards ER positive breast cancer that is unresponsive to traditional treatments. 
The discovery was made at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute. BH-3 mimetics were effective in treating aggressive oestrogen receptor-positive breast cancers when combined with the breast cancer drug tamixifen in preclinical models. Approximately 70 per cent of breast cancers are ER positive. 
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